Logging on – new user

  • You need to set up an account to utilise the IDIDIT website and pull through your purchased photo and /or videos.

  • Sig upFrom the click on this icon

  • LoginYou can either sign up using your Facebook Account or without.  


Follow the prompts given the option you select to create your account.



Logging on – return customer

  • Once you have set up your account, you can return as many times as you like.

  • Login formSimply use the email address and password you created and log in here.





Getting your Photos and/or Video

  • Your IDIDIT cardYour IDIDIT card, has the code printed on it for accessing your 
    purchased Photos and /or Video

  • Add new IDIDIT codeClick on the ‘Add new IDIDIT code’ and input the code into the 
    ‘Jump Code: box’ and click on ‘Add Media’ button

  • Depending on your speed of internet connection, your Photos and/or Video will be loaded into your IDIDIT 

  • AlbumsThis will then show up on screen as a ‘Album’ in your profile. If 
    you have undertaken more than one product, multiple albums 
    will show identifying the different product, date, time.

  • Click on the album image or text and this will open up that 
    album and show you your Photos and/or Video

  • Click the Play button to play the video, or click your photos and 
    ‘Previous, Next’ to scroll through your photos


Interacting with your Photos and Video

  • Photo interactionWhen you are viewing your Photos you will see the menu 
    options for available functions – you can edit the photos, apply 
    a filter on the photos, download them or share them via 
    Facebook, Flickr, Email or Picasa. A facebook comment can also 
    be left

  • Video interactionWhen you are viewing your Video – you can download or share 
    the Video via Facebook, Email, Vimeo or Youtube and also leave 
    a comment.

How long is the content online?

  • We will hold your content online for 12 months past the point that you Add the Media.   If you undertake multiple products with us on different dates and Add Media on different dates, the 12 month duration starts from the point you pull the specific Media through.

  • Of course you can upload your media to Facebook, Youtube, Flickr etc through the interfaces we have 
    provided and download to your own computer or storage and that content will remain as long as you wish or 
    is provided for.

If you have a problem and need our help, please contact us.

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